What in your opinion is an example of the best use of the internet in the construction industry and why?

There are many great examples but I am most excited about our launch of .build.  For the first time in the building industry’s we have a created a unique namespace that identifies builders by their web and email addresses.  We have created an unlimited virtual real estate platform for Internet development and entrepreneurialism.

Additional examples of good uses of the Internet in the building industry include:houzz.com: a residential platform for design and build in the residential sector.

Project platforms that leverage cloud computing have become standard best practices on larger projects.  These systems allow diverse users to collaborate on a web based protocol.  These networks are by design software and hardware agnostic.  I would expect to see some interesting disruption in this sector as cloud computing evolves in both scale and acceptance.

Other examples of Internet innovation are happening from established credible sources like The Bluebook Network, a one hundred year old company.  They have evolved from an original print directory to an online suite of services,  Recently we announced our partnership where they will be pairing .build domain names with their Proview site as a professional website template for commercial builders in North America. 

Any idea of what % of construction businesses don’t have websites?

It may be hard to believe in today’s ubiquitous reliance on technology that there still exist many builders without websites,.  The industry in general was late to adopt online tools and therefore did not fully understand the importance of their online identity.  There now exist countless examples of builders beating their competition by understanding the value of their company’s identity on the Internet, whether that competitive advantage occurs from search, improved efficiencies or professionalism.  Adoption varies by industry segment, but in some areas there are  upwards of 48% of builders without websites.  That of course is about to change and I believe the industry is on the verge of a tipping point.


Can you describe your background in construction?

I began my career in the building industry over twenty three years ago as a result of following my passions and interests.  My particular focus has been constructing highly complex architectural projects.  I’ve always loved good design.  Design without proper execution however well intended falls short of its potential.  As a designer with such a focus, I was swayed to the building side of architecture.  Additionally, my business training and entrepreneurial spirit have served me well as a builder.


What inspired you to launch .build?

As an entrepreneur and someone who is deeply passionate about the built world and it’s affect on human beings, I have always felt there was a better way to build.  Many aspects of how we build have not ever significantly changed.  In my decades of work I have participated and helped create technology standards during the .com era to sustainability standards before the industry had heard of “green.”  Several years ago through the expansion of the Internet naming infrastructure I sensed the timing was right for the 7+ Trillion USD market to build better online.