Your.Build domain name can be used for:

Building & Construction

Now builders can distinguish themselves with a domain name for their website and email that better defines what they do.  Many in the building industry were late to the .com movement and did not secure the best name for their online identity.  You can also use a new .build domain for a new product, division, service or project.

Tech & Startups

Technology companies, coders and start-ups are all starting to use a .build domain names for building online.  It’s a great name for the virtual world as well.

DIY / Crafts / Maker

.build domains are a perfect fit for the Maker, Craft and DIY movements.  Show off your unique talents and projects on a great .build website and tell your friends about it with your new .build email address.

Your Idea or Project

With great new .build names available today you can put your next new project or great idea on its own website with a unique name instead of the long boring

Now you can get a better name for your website / email and improve your online identity.

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