Frequently Asked Questions

What is build?
.build is a new generic top level domain (gTLD) designed especially for the online needs of the building industry. The Internet expanding beyond the limits of the old .com world created over 25 years ago. There are hundreds of new gTLD’s, each one focused on a specific community, brand or geography. So for example, if you want to find out about the latest iphone in the future consumers will soon go to If you want to find out the menu of your favorite restaurant you may go to Or if you need to find the best electrician for your job in Los Angles you can go to  Google is showing results for the new gTLD’s as well.
How is .build different from .com
As you may have noticed recently .com is full and is for anything and everything from donuts to doorknobs. New gTLD’s like .build create an online namespace focused solely on the needs of those who build.  Your websites and email work the same way and Google will show your results when you index your site.
What if I already have a website on .com or other TLD?
No problem, keep your existing site, but upgrade to a .build website. Apart from having a great name, which you may have missed out in the .com space. You basically have three options. You can upgrade to a better website at your .build address. We can help you with specialized templates or you can provide your own custom solution. You can redirect your existing .com website to your new .build website and benefit by a larger footprint on the web.  Or you could put up a new portal, product, service or company.  Your choices are endless!
Will people be able to find my website on .build?
Yes! Google is showing results for all new gTLD’s in the same way as .com, .net or .org.  Simply index your site and put up great content and watch your rank climb.

.build has also partnered with the Blue Book Network to provide the best search results specifically focused on the building industry. Don’t get lost in the .com wilderness and ever-changing SEO requirements.  You will be easily recognized and stand out with a .build domain for your website or email.

Can I get a .build email?
Yes, email works the same way as on all gTLD’s.  You can get email forwarding or set up full email systems as you would on any domain.  An example of a .build email address would be
How much does a .build domain name cost?
Basic .build domains are available at less than $99 per year.  Premium names are also available at various price levels.  Please see your favorite registrar at for specific information.
Can I get whatever name I want?
Yes, right now you have a good chance of getting the name you want with certain exceptions.  You can search at for availability.
Is a .build name secure?
Absolutely. In fact it is even more secure than .com and all the other existing gTLD’s. Why is that? The new application requirements by ICANN mandate that the new gTLD’s employ the latest and most advanced security protocols on the web.
How do I buy one?

You can buy a .build domain today at hundreds of registrars.  For more info please visit any of our accredited registrars.

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