We need to expand and promote the DNS in a new way

This is a Domain Name Association (DNA) Interview with me at ICANN 54 in Dublin.  I discuss why we need to innovate on the DNS in order to make the new gTLD program the success we all want it to be.  Everyday and with increasing frequency we all use the Internet. We go to the Internet to get information, communication, learning, teaching, goods and services, politics and more.  The DNS is an incredible platform that allows all of this communication to happen.  Now we need to make it even easier to add solutions and services to domain names.  Building websites is just too hard for most people in this App dominant world.

“We need to make it easier for end users to connect solutions directly to the DNS.  It’s an old model to sell a domain name first and then figure out what you’re going to do with it.  When you buy a phone, first you pick the phone you want and then you try to get the best number.”

Soon we will be surrounded by more connected devices than people and everything will be communicating.  People to people, people to machines and machines to machines.  How can we continue to innovate on the DNS to continue to expand and promote it?  Let’s get the dialogue going outside the closed walls of the domain industry and reach out to all communities. This means going out into the tech world of app developers and API developers.  It also means going out to end users and learning from them and teaching them how they can benefit from using solutions on the DNS.

The Domain Name Association promotes, advances and supports the common interests of the Domain Name Industry.

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