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Innovation on the DNS: the ultimate platform

At ICANN 54 I discussed with the DNA the need to innovate on the DNS in order to make the new gTLD program the success we all want it to be.  Everyday and with increasing frequency we all use the Internet, for information, communication, learning, teaching, goods and services, politics and more.  This is just the beginning of what we can do with the Domain Name System.  Soon we will be surrounded by more connected devices than people and all of it will be communicating.  How can we continue to innovate on the Domain Name System to continue to expand and promote it?  Let’s get the dialogue going outside the closed walls of the domain industry and reach out to all communities tech and otherwise. You can see other videos by the DNA... read more

Why you need the right email domain name

When most people think about domain names they think of it primarily as the address for their website.  Why you need the right email domain name, is often overlooked.  Many things go into getting the best domain name for your company or personal websites and emails.  Up until the recent Internet name expansion, most choices were limited by scarcity and cost.  Now with so many options available on new TLD’s we finally have amazing and innovative choices beyond compromising with choosing from whatever was remaining on .com, .net or .org. How the right domain name can help your email address and some questions you may want to consider. How long is it? Shorter is easier to type and there is less chance of a sender making a typo Is it memorable: We give our email out to people in many ways beyond writing; often verbally in person or on the phone.  People don’t always write it down.  Make it memorable. How easy is it to spell?  How do you know if your emails are getting to you?  Only if you receive them.  If the sender doesn’t get it right you don’t get your email.  So make sure it is easy to spell and not easily subject to typos; two different things.  If you have a complicated company or last name and you use that, think about how many times you’ll be saying thinks like “T like Tom.” It can be different from your website(s) address:  Just because your website name is one thing doesn’t mean your email domain name should be the same.  Turner Construction Company made such a move a while... read more

First Registry Accepting Bitcoin Payment

San Francisco, CA-  .Build, the new Top Level Domain (TLD) for internet domain names announced it will now accept bitcoin as a payment method from its customers. Registrars that would like to pay their monthly bill now have an option in our electronic invoicing system to use Bitcoin as their payment utilizing the Coinbase system.  Being the first registry accepting Bitcoin is significant for the crypto-currency and the Domain name system in that we are the first registry to accept bitcoin: completing the end to end bitcoin purchase path from domain registrant to registrar to registry. .BUILD, went live in April of 2014 is a part of the new expanded Internet made up of many new TLD’s beyond .com, .net and .org.  By having a meaningful extension to a website or email .BUILD provides an opportunity for companies to improve their online identity and web presence with the power of an industry-specific domain name.  These targeted domains will become an integral part of any company’s web presence, online identity and SEO strategy in 2014 and beyond. We are excited to be a leader in the creation and innovation of the New Internet and the new gTLD expansion approved by ICANN in 2012.  As security with online payments becomes a growing concern every day, it was the logical next progression in the virtual building world to accept a crypto-currency standard like Bitcoin. At .BUILD it is our mission to constantly improve and innovate the way the domain name industry conducts business in order constantly provide value for end users.” .BUILD is the name provisioner of domain names ending in .BUILD, which and are... read more
Domain names 101: learn more about the DNS

Domain names 101: learn more about the DNS

What is a domain name?  Most of us use them throughout the day without stopping to think about their importance and how they work.  Our interface of entering and searching for companies and information has us relying on words (i.e. domain names) not numbers (i.e. IP addresses)  Domain names are addresses on the internet for a website and email. They are the basis for your online identity, be it personal or business. When you type in a domain name into your browser bar you’re really calling up a name server that tells your browser what number address (IP Address) your website or email sits on.  This works because some pretty smart people created the DNS (domain name system) over 25 years ago! The value of a good domain is that it can be easy for others to remember or find you in search.  As the Internet is getting increasingly crowded it is now more important than before to have a good domain(s) that accurately states why you’re online and one that can easily be remembered.  The good news is that with the launch of hundreds of new extensions beyond .com, .net and .org you can now find a domain name that is better than the old one’s created over a quarter century ago.   For the first time in the history of the Internet, the word to the right of the dot is as important to the choice you make to the left of it. ICANN the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has put together this brief beginner’s guide to Domain Names 101.  I’ve included it here... read more

.Build featured in Modern Contractor Solutions offering domain names for business

.Build makes the news section in Modern Contractor Solutions June Issue.  .BUILD domain names are helping contractors build better.  There are now new domain names for business, whether you build skyscrapers or residential remodels you can now tell the world what you do with a .BUILD domain name.  .Build is helping the Construction Industry Build Better with domain names for business. .BUILD is the TLD designed especially for the online needs of the building industry, one of the world’s largest vertical markets. From roads to skyscrapers, .BUILD will be the Internet hub for builders of every kind. Conceived and run by industry veterans, .BUILD brings a wealth of real world experience to the .BUILD vision. The registry will be more than just another generic TLD, it will be an online community dedicated to serving builders through enhanced search, website design, news, information and virtual markets. The registry has formed strategic partnerships with the best in the business. With physical offices in Santa Monica, California, .BUILD lives online at   Read it here Modern Contractor... read more
Google Apps for business connects with your .build domain

Google Apps for business connects with your .build domain

You can now easily link your .BUILD domain with Google Apps for business and start building in the cloud. What is Google Apps? Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters. Millions of organizations around the world count on Google Apps for professional email, file storage, video meetings, online calendars, document editing and more. These are perfect tools for builders who are often remote and need access to their data in real time from the job.  Whether for spreadsheets, documents, photos or calendar, Google Apps for business does it all. Here are some highlights: Business email for your domain Looking professional matters, and that means communicating as Gmail’s simple, powerful features help you build your brand while getting more done. Access from any location or device Check email, share files, edit documents, hold video meetings and more whether you’re at work, at home or in transit. You can pick up where you left off from a computer, tablet or phone. Enterprise-level management tools Robust admin settings give you total command over users, devices, security and more. Your data always belongs to you, and it goes with you if you switch solutions. Start your Free Trial... read more

Great building industry uses of new .build websites

.BUILD is about a month into being open and available to all entities and it is exciting to see the number of large brands and small and medium sized companies in the global building and construction business registering both their company names as well as key industry terms.  But what is particularly compelling is the actual USAGE we are seeing with .BUILD websites actually live and being used.  A few examples…. – W.E. O’Neil Construction, a well established family of construction companies that has been in business for over 80 years. – Associated General Contractors of America whose mission is to promote a better industry for the professionals who build America’s future. – American Subcontractors Association who represent subcontractors and suppliers in the construction industry. – Construction Robotics is a startup company advancing construction through the use of technology – they do some really cool stuff, watch their videos! Established companies, new start-ups, industry associations – strong evidence that .BUILD is being embraced as where and how our industry conducts its business online.  There are even more great examples we will be telling you about soon. .BUILD is helping to build the new Internet – one site at a... read more

A Q&A between CEO of Centralnic Ben Crawford and .build founder George Minardos

What in your opinion is an example of the best use of the internet in the construction industry and why? There are many great examples but I am most excited about our launch of .build.  For the first time in the building industry’s we have a created a unique namespace that identifies builders by their web and email addresses.  We have created an unlimited virtual real estate platform for Internet development and entrepreneurialism. Additional examples of good uses of the Internet in the building industry a residential platform for design and build in the residential sector. Project platforms that leverage cloud computing have become standard best practices on larger projects.  These systems allow diverse users to collaborate on a web based protocol.  These networks are by design software and hardware agnostic.  I would expect to see some interesting disruption in this sector as cloud computing evolves in both scale and acceptance. Other examples of Internet innovation are happening from established credible sources like The Bluebook Network, a one hundred year old company.  They have evolved from an original print directory to an online suite of services,  Recently we announced our partnership where they will be pairing .build domain names with their Proview site as a professional website template for commercial builders in North America.  Any idea of what % of construction businesses don’t have websites? It may be hard to believe in today’s ubiquitous reliance on technology that there still exist many builders without websites,.  The industry in general was late to adopt online tools and therefore did not fully understand the importance of their online identity.  There now exist countless examples of... read more