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Personal Domains

Personal Domains are a great way to use your new .build domain. What is a personal domain?  It’s a unique web address that you link to one of your social sites like facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram etc..  Why would you want to do this? The simple answer is... read more

Why you need the right email domain name

When most people think about domain names they think of it primarily as the address for their website.  Why you need the right email domain name, is often overlooked.  Many things go into getting the best domain name for your company or personal websites and emails.... read more

First Registry Accepting Bitcoin Payment

San Francisco, CA-  .Build, the new Top Level Domain (TLD) for internet domain names announced it will now accept bitcoin as a payment method from its customers. Registrars that would like to pay their monthly bill now have an option in our electronic invoicing system... read more
Domain names 101: learn more about the DNS

Domain names 101: learn more about the DNS

What is a domain name?  Most of us use them throughout the day without stopping to think about their importance and how they work.  Our interface of entering and searching for companies and information has us relying on words (i.e. domain names) not numbers (i.e. IP... read more